Changho Han, Compact Moduli of Lattice Polarized K3 Surfaces with Nonsymplectic Cyclic Action of Order 3


     Speaker Changho Han University of Georgia Observe that any construction of "meaningful" compactification of moduli spaces of objects involve enlarging the class of objects in consideration. For example, Deligne and Mumford introduced the notion of stable curves in order to compactify the moduli of smooth curves of genus g, and Satake used the

Yoon-Joo Kim, The Dual Lagrangian Fibration of Compact Hyper-Kähler Manifolds


     Speaker Yoon-Joo Kim Stony Brook University A compact hyper-Kähler manifold is a higher dimensional generalization of a K3 surface. An elliptic fibration of a K3 surface correspondingly generalizes to the so-called Lagrangian fibration of a compact hyper-Kähler manifold. It is known that an elliptic fibration of a K3 surface is always "self-dual" in

Yuchen Liu, K-stability and Moduli of Quartic K3 Surfaces


     Speaker Yuchen Liu Northwestern University We show that K-moduli spaces of (P3, cS) where S is a quartic surface interpolates between the GIT moduli space and the Baily-Borel compactification as c varies in (0,1). We completely describe the wall crossings of these K-moduli spaces. As a consequence, we verify Laza-O’Grady's prediction on the

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