Baohua Fu, Normalized Tangent Bundle, Pseudoeffective Cone and Varieties with Small Codegree


     Speaker Baohua Fu Chinese Academy of Science We propose a conjectural list of Fano manifolds of Picard number one whose normalized tangent bundle is pseudoeffective and we prove it in various situations by relating it to the complete divisibility conjecture of Russo and Zak on varieties with small codegrees. The pseudoeffective cone of

Yong Hu, Noether-Severi Inequality and Equality for Irregular Threefolds of General Type

B266 IBS

     Speaker Yong Hu KIAS For complex smooth irregular 3-folds of general type, I will introduce the optimal Noether-Severi inequality. This answers an open question of Zhi Jiang in dimension three. Moreover, I will also completely describe the canonical models of irregular 3-folds attaining the Noether-Severi equality. This is a joint work with Tong

Sukmoon Huh, Logarithmic Sheaves on Projective Surfaces

B266 IBS

     Speaker Sukmoon Huh Sungkyunkwan University A logarithmic sheaf is a sheaf of differential one-forms on a variety with logarithmic poles along a given divisor. One of the main problems on this object is to see whether Torelli property holds, i.e. whether two different divisors define two non-isomorphic logarithmic sheaves. In this talk, after

Yonghwa Cho, Cohomology of Divisors on Burniat Surfaces

B266 IBS

     Speaker Yonghwa Cho KIAS A (primary) Burniat surface is a complex surface of general type that can be obtained as a bidouble cover of del Pezzo surface with K2 = 6. The Picard group is an abelian group of rank 4 with torsion part isomorphic to (Z/2)6. Alexeev studied the divisors on Burniat

Jinhyung Park, Comparing Numerical Iitaka Dimensions


     Speaker Jinhyung Park Sogang University There are several definitions of the "numerical" Iitaka dimensions of a pseudoeffective divisor, which are numerical analogues to the Iitaka dimension. Recently, Lesieutre proved that notions of numerical Iitaka dimensions do not coincide. In this talk, we prove that many of numerical Iitaka dimensions are equal to the

Sung Rak Choi, Subadditivity of Okounkov Bodies


     Speaker Sung Rak Choi Yonsei University We will investigate the subadditivity theorem of Okounkov bodies for algebraic fiber spaces. As an application, we obtain the subadditivity of the numerical Kodaira dimension and the restricted volume for algebraic fiber spaces. As a byproduct, we obtain a criterion of birational isotriviality in terms of Okounkov

Yewon Jeong, Several Types of Dual Defective Cubic Hypersurfaces


     Speaker Yewon Jeong IBS, Center for Complex Geometry Given a hypersurface X = V(f) in a complex projective space, we say X is dual defective if the Gauss map of X, the restriction of the gradient map of f on X, has positive dimensional fibers. Especially for cubics, there is an interesting classification

Feng Shao, The Bigness of Tangent Bundles of Projective Manifolds


     Speaker Feng Shao IBS, Center for Complex Geometry Let X be a Fano manifold. While the properties of the anticanonical divisor -KX and its multiples have been studied by many authors, the positivity of the tangent bundle TX is much more elusive. In this talk, we give a complete characterization of the pseudoeffectivity

Paul-Andi Nagy, Einstein Deformations of Hyperkaehler Cones

B236 IBS

     Speaker Paul-Andi Nagy IBS CCG For a hyperkaehler cone with compact link (M, g) we describe the Einstein deformation theory of g and relate it to the algebraic geometry of the twistor space Z of M. This is joint work with Uwe Semmelmann.

Han-Bom Moon, Derived Category of Moduli of Vector Bundles I


     Speaker Han-Bom Moon Fordham University The derived category of a smooth projective variety is an object expected to encode much birational geometric information. Recently, there have been many results on decomposing derived categories into simpler building blocks. In the first lecture, I will provide an elementary introduction to two independent topics -- 1.

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