Benjamin McMillan, The Range of the Killing Operator

B236-1 IBS

     Speaker Benjamin McMillan IBS-CCG The Killing operator in (semi) Riemannian geometry has well understood kernel: the infinitesimal symmetries of a given metric. At the next level, the range of the Killing operator can be interpreted as those perturbations of the metric that result from a mere change of coordinates---in contexts like general relativity,

Jakub Witaszek, Quasi-F-splittings


     Speaker Jakub Witaszek Princeton U What allowed for many developments in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra was a discovery of the notion of a Frobenius splitting, which, briefly speaking, detects how pathological positive characteristic Fano and Calabi-Yau varieties can be. Recently, Yobuko introduced a more general concept, a quasi-F-splitting, which captures much more

Complex Analytic Geometry

B236-1 IBS

     Speakers Young-Jun Choi (Pusan National U.) Yoshinori Hashimoto (Osaka Metropolitan U.) Dano Kim (Seoul National U.) Takayuki Koike (Osaka Metropolitan U.) Seungjae Lee (IBS-CCG) Nguyen Ngoc Cuong (KAIST) Mihai Paun (Bayreuth U.) Martin Sera (Kyoto U. Advanced Science) Jihun Yum (IBS-CCG)      Schedule Oct. 5 Infinitesimal extension of twisted canonical forms and

Pak Tung Ho, The Weighted Yamabe Problem

B236-1 IBS

     Speaker Pak Tung Ho Sogang University In this talk, I will explain what the weighted Yamabe problem is, and mention some related results that Jinwoo Shin (KIAS) and I obtained.

Aeryeong Seo, TBA

B266 and on-line

     Speaker Aeryeong Seo Kyungpook National University TBA

Jinhyun Park, A Reciprocity Theorem Arising from a Family of Algebraic Curves

B236-1 IBS

     Speaker Jinhyun Park KAIST The classical reciprocity theorem, also called the residue theorem, states that the sum of the residues of a rational (meromorphic) differential form on a compact Riemann surface is zero. Its generalization to smooth projective curves over a field is often called the Tate reciprocity theorem. There is a different

Jaewoo Jeong, Hankel Index of Smooth Non-ACM Curves of Almost Minimal Degree

B236-1 IBS

     Speaker Jaewoo Jeong IBS CCG   The Hankel index of a real variety is a semi-algebraic invariant that quantifies the (structural) difference between nonnegative quadrics and sums of squares on the variety. Note that the Hankel index of a variety is difficult to compute and was computed for just few cases. In 2017,

Livia Campo, Fano 3-folds and Equivariant Unprojections

B266 IBS

     Speaker Livia Campo KIAS The classification of terminal Fano 3-folds has been tackled from different directions: for instance, using the Minimal Model Program, via explicit Birational Geometry, and via Graded Rings methods. In this talk I would like to introduce the Graded Ring Database - an upper bound to the numerics of Fano

Junho Choe, Constructions of Counterexamples to the Regularity Conjecture

B266 IBS

     Speaker Junho Choe KIAS Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity, simply regularity, is one of the most interesting invariants in projective algebraic geometry, and the regularity conjecture due to Eisenbud and Goto says that the regularity can be controlled by the degree for any projective variety. But counterexamples to the conjecture have been constructed by some methods.

Joaquín Moraga, Coregularity of Fano Varieties


     Speaker Joaquín Moraga UCLA In this talk, we will introduce the absolute coregularity of Fano varieties. The coregularity measures the singularities of the anti-pluricanonical sections. Philosophically, most Fano varieties have coregularity 0. In the talk, we will explain some theorems that support this philosophy. We will show that a Fano variety of coregularity

Andrea Petracci, A 1-dimensional Component of K-moduli of Del Pezzo Surfaces


     Speaker Andrea Petracci Università di Bologna Fano varieties are algebraic varieties with positive curvature; they are basic building blocks of algebraic varieties. Great progress has been recently made by Xu et al. to construct moduli spaces of Fano varieties by using K-stability (which is related to the existence of Kähler-Einstein metrics). These moduli

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