Liana Heuberger, Mirror Symmetry and the Classification of Q-Fano Threefolds

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Liana Heuberger University of Bath I will discuss how to use the classification of Gorenstein canonical Fano polytopes (and Laurent polynomials supported on them) in the construction of terminal Q-factorial Fano threefolds which admit a toric degeneration. I contextualise this within the framework of Fano mirror symmetry, using a technique called Laurent

Grzegorz Kapustka, Projective Models of Nikulin Orbifolds

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Grzegorz Kapustka Jagiellonian University We describe a locally complete family of projective irreducible holomorphic symplectic orbifolds as double covers of special complete intersections (3, 4) in P6. This is a joint work with C. Camere, A. Garbagnati and M. Kapustka.

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