Sung Gi Park, Kodaira Dimension and Hyperbolicity for Smooth Families of Varieties


    Speaker Sung Gi Park Harvard University In this talk, I will discuss the behavior of positivity, hyperbolicity, and Kodaira dimension under smooth morphisms of complex quasi-projective manifolds. This includes a vast generalization of a classical result: a fibration from a projective surface of non-negative Kodaira dimension to a projective line has at least

Shin-Young Kim, Minimal Rational Curves on Complete Symmetric Varieties

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Shin-Young Kim IBS-CGP We describe the families of minimal rational curves on any complete symmetric variety, and the corresponding varieties of minimal rational tangents. In particular, we prove that these varieties are homogeneous and that for non-exceptional irreducible wonderful varieties, there is a unique family of minimal rational curves. We relate these

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