Dano Kim, Canonical Bundle Formula and Degenerating Families of Volume Forms


     Speaker Dano Kim Department of Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University We will talk about a metric version of Kawamata's canonical bundle formula for log Calabi-Yau fibrations: the L2 metric carries singularity described by the discriminant divisor and the moduli part line bundle has a singular hermitian metric with vanishing Lelong numbers. This answers

Baohua Fu, Normalized Tangent Bundle, Pseudoeffective Cone and Varieties with Small Codegree

B266 IBS

     Speaker Baohua Fu Chinese Academy of Science We propose a conjectural list of Fano manifolds of Picard number one whose normalized tangent bundle is pseudoeffective and we prove it in various situations by relating it to the complete divisibility conjecture of Russo and Zak on varieties with small codegrees. The pseudoeffective cone of

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