Kisun Lee, Introduction to Numerical Algebraic Geometry

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Kisun Lee Clemson University Numerical algebraic geometry employs numerical techniques for problems in algebraic geometry. This talk begins with a question reminding the meaning of solving a (polynomial) equation. It overviews the homotopy continuation as a method for finding solutions to a system of polynomial equations. After problems from algorithmic and application

Kisun Lee, Numerical Certification and Certified Homotopy Tracking

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Kisun Lee Clemson University A certified algorithm produces a solution and a certificate of correctness to a problem. Numerical certification studies certified algorithms for results obtained from numerical methods in algebraic geometry. In this talk, we discuss why numerical certification is needed in numerical algebraic geometry and introduce the Krawczyk homotopy as

Euisung Park, On Rank 3 Quadratic Equations of Projective Varieties

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Euisung Park Korea University Many projective varieties are ideal-theoretically cut out by quadratic polynomials of rank less than or equal to 4. Classical constructions in projective geometry like rational normal scrolls and Segre-Veronese varieties are examples. Regarding this phenomenon, I would like to talk about the following two results in this talk.

Jiewon Park, Hessian Estimates, Monotonicity Formulae, and Applications

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Jiewon Park KAIST Various monotonicity formulae have profound applications in many different problems in geometric analysis. Quite often these formulae can be derived from pointwise Hessian estimates, also known as Li-Yau-Hamilton estimates or matrix Harnack inequalities. In this talk we will focus on this connection building upon Hessian estimates for the Green

Pacific Rim Complex and Symplectic Geometry Conference

IBS Science Culture Center Daejeon, Korea, Republic of

Invited Speakers Dongwook Choa (KIAS, Seoul) Young-Jun Choi (Pusan National Univ.) Siarhei Finski (École Polytechnique) Hervé Gaussier (Univ. Grenoble-Alpes) Siqi He (AMSS, Beijing) Seshadri Harish (Indian Inst. Science) Masafumi Hattori (Kyoto Univ.) Ludmil Katzarkov (Univ. Miami) Yusuke Kawamoto (ETH, Zurich) Takayuki Koike (Osaka Metropolitan Univ.) Yu-Shen Lin (Boston Univ.) George Marinescu (Univ. Köln) Yuichi Nohara

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