Hoseob Seo, On L2 Extension from Singular Hypersurfaces


     Speaker Hoseob Seo IBS CCG In L2 extension theorems from an irreducible singular hypersurface in a complex manifold, important roles are played by certain measures such as the Ohsawa measure, which determines when a given function can be extended. In this talk, we show that the singularity of the Ohsawa measure can be

Guolei Zhong, Dynamical Characterization of Projective Toric Varieties

B266 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Guolei Zhong IBS-CCG As a fundamental building block of the equivariant minimal model program, the rationally connected variety plays a significant role in the classification of projective varieties admitting non-isomorphic endomorphisms. Twenty years ago, Nakayama confirmed Sato’s conjecture that, a smooth projective rational surface is toric if and only if it admits

Benjamin McMillan, The Range of the Killing Operator

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Benjamin McMillan IBS-CCG The Killing operator in (semi) Riemannian geometry has well understood kernel: the infinitesimal symmetries of a given metric. At the next level, the range of the Killing operator can be interpreted as those perturbations of the metric that result from a mere change of coordinates---in contexts like general relativity,

Jinhyun Park, A Reciprocity Theorem Arising from a Family of Algebraic Curves

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Jinhyun Park KAIST The classical reciprocity theorem, also called the residue theorem, states that the sum of the residues of a rational (meromorphic) differential form on a compact Riemann surface is zero. Its generalization to smooth projective curves over a field is often called the Tate reciprocity theorem. There is a different

Jaewoo Jeong, Hankel Index of Smooth Non-ACM Curves of Almost Minimal Degree

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Jaewoo Jeong IBS CCG   The Hankel index of a real variety is a semi-algebraic invariant that quantifies the (structural) difference between nonnegative quadrics and sums of squares on the variety. Note that the Hankel index of a variety is difficult to compute and was computed for just few cases. In 2017,

Dennis The, A Cartan-theoretic Perspective on (2,3,5)-distributions

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Dennis The UiT The Arctic University of Norway Generic rank 2 distributions on 5-manifolds, i.e. "(2,3,5)-distributions", are interesting geometric structures arising in the study of non-holonomic systems, underdetermined ODE of Monge type, conformal 5-manifolds with special holonomy, etc. The origins of their study date to Élie Cartan's "5-variables" paper of 1910, where

Yunhyung Cho, Monotone Lagrangian Tori in Fano Varieties

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Yunhyung Cho Sungkyunkwan University This is a survey talk of current progress of mirror symmetry of Fano varieties. For a given smooth Fano variety X, it has been conjectured that there exists a Laurent polynomial called a (weak) Landau-Ginzburg mirror (or weak LG mirror shortly) which encodes a quantum cohomology ring structure

Donghoon Jang, Circle Actions on Almost Complex Manifolds with Isolated Fixed Points

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Donghoon Jang Pusan National University We briefly review group actions on manifolds and equivariant cohomology, which is cohomology of a manifold with a group action. We review classification results for circle actions on various types of manifolds in low dimensions. An almost complex manifold is a manifold with a complex structure on

Insong Choe, Subsheaves of Maximal Rank in a Symplectic and Orthogonal Bundle over a Curve

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Insong Choe Kunkuk University We first review the known results on the Quot schemes on a smooth algebraic curve. Next we explain how they can be generalized to the Lagrangian Quot scheme, which parametrizes Lagrangian subsheaves on a symplectic vector bundle. Also we discuss the parallel results for orthogonal bundles. This will

Donggun Lee, Birational Geometry of Generalized Hessenberg Varieties and the Generalized Shareshian-Wachs Conjecture

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Donggun Lee IBS-CCG Hessenberg varieties are subvarieties of flag varieties with interesting properties in both algebro-geometric and combinatorial perspectives. The Shareshian-Wachs conjecture connects their cohomology with the chromatic quasi-symmetric functions of the associated graphs, which are refinements of the chromatic polynomials. In this talk, we introduce generalized Hessenberg varieties and study their

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