DongSeon Hwang, Manin’s Conjecture for a Log Del Pezzo Surface of Index 2

B266 IBS

     Speaker DongSeon Hwang Ajou Univ. (This is a part of Algebraic Geometry Day at CCG in IBS.) Manin’s conjecture predicts the asymptotic behavior on the number of rational points of bounded anticanonical height on Fano varieties. In this talk, I will explain how the geometry governs the arithmetic in the case of a

Yeongrak Kim, Ulrich Bundles on Cubic Fourfolds

B266 IBS

     Speaker Yeongrak Kim Pusan National Univ. (This is a part of Algebraic Geometry Day at CCG in IBS.) Ulrich bundles are geometric objects corresponding to maximally generated maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules, whose existence has several interesting applications in commutative algebra, homological algebra, and linear algebra. After a pioneering work of Beauville and Eisenbud-Schreyer, existence

Olivier Martin, TBA


     Speaker Olivier Martin Stony Brook Univ. TBA

Kento Fujita, The Calabi Problem for Fano Threefolds


     Speaker Kento Fujita Osaka Univ. There are 105 irreducible families of smooth Fano threefolds, which have been classified by Iskovskikh, Mori and Mukai. For each family, we determine whether its general member admits a Kähler-Einstein metric or not. This is a joint work with Carolina Araujo, Ana-Maria Castravet, Ivan Cheltsov, Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros, Jesus

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