Ching-Jui Lai, TBA

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Ching-Jui Lai National Cheung Kung University TBA

Workshop on Algebraic Geometry in Busan

La Valse Hotel Busan, Korea, Republic of

Speakers Lorenzo Barban (IBS-CCG) Jungkai Chen (National Taiwan University) Toshiyuki Katsura (University of Tokyo) Shigeyuki Kondo (Nagoya University) Ching-Jui Lai (National Cheung Kung University) Donggun Lee (IBS-CCG) Hsueh-Yung Lin (National Taiwan University) Shigeru Mukai (Kyoto University) Keiji Oguiso (University of Tokyo) Abstracts TBA Schedule May 14 (Tuesday) 14:00~14:20 Registration 14:20~15:20 Speaker 1 15:40~16:40 Speaker 2

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IBS Center for Complex Geometry
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