Young-jun Choi, Existence of a Complete Holomorphic Vector Field via the Kähler-Einstein Metric

B266 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Young-jun Choi Pusan National University A fundamental problem in Several Complex Variables is to classify bounded pseudoconvex domains in the complex Euclidean space with a noncompact automorphism group, especially with a compact quotient. In the results of Wong-Rosay and Frankel, they make use of the "Scaling method" for obtaining an 1-parameter family

Complex Analytic Geometry

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speakers Young-Jun Choi (Pusan National U.) Yoshinori Hashimoto (Osaka Metropolitan U.) Dano Kim (Seoul National U.) Takayuki Koike (Osaka Metropolitan U.) Seungjae Lee (IBS-CCG) Nguyen Ngoc Cuong (KAIST) Mihai Paun (Bayreuth U.) Martin Sera (Kyoto U. Advanced Science) Jihun Yum (IBS-CCG)      Schedule Oct. 5 Infinitesimal extension of twisted canonical forms and

KSCV Workshop #26

B109 IBS, Korea, Republic of

Speakers Taeyong Ahn (Inha University) Ye-Won Luke Cho (Pusan National University) Young-Jun Choi (Pusan National University) Pham Hoang Hiep (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) Dinh Tuan Huynh (Hue University of Education-Hue University) Łukasz Kosiński (Jagiellonian University) Kang-Hyurk Lee (Gyeongsang National University) Man-Chun Lee (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Hoseob Seo (Institute for Basic

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