Zhi Jiang, On Syzygies of Abelian Varieties


     Speaker Zhi Jiang SCMS, Fudan University Syzygies of ample line bundles on abelian varieties have attracted lots of attentions in recent years. People tried to study these geometric objects by different methods, including Okounkov bodies, X-methods from MMP, and generic vanishing theory. We will report some progress on this subject based on the

Workshop on Classical Algebraic Geometry

IBS Science Culture Center Daejeon, Korea, Republic of

Speakers Alberto Calabri (University of Ferrara) Cinzia Casagrande (University of Torino) Flaminio Flamini (University of Rome Tor Vergata) Paola Frediani (University of Pavia) Kangjin Han (DGIST) Zhi Jiang (SCMS, Fudan University) Akihiro Kanemitsu (Saitama University) Grzegorz Kapustka (Jagiellonian University) Michał Kapustka (IM PAN) Seonja Kim (Chungwoon University) Hirokazu Nasu (Tokai University) Wenbo Niu (University of

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