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Luca Rizzi, Local Systems, Algebraic Foliations and Fibrations


     Speaker Luca Rizzi IBS-CCG Given a semistable fibration f : X → B I will show a correspondence between foliations on X and local systems on B. Building up on this correspondence we will find conditions that give maximal rationally connected fibrations in terms of data on the foliation. We will develop the

Ming Xiao, On Some Mapping Problems between Bounded Symmetric Domains


     Speaker Ming Xiao UCSD Bounded symmetric domains are an important class of geometric objects in complex analysis and geometry, which possess a high degree of symmetry. They often serve as the model cases in the study of many rigidity phenomena. In this talk, we will discuss two mapping problems between bounded symmetric domains

Christian Schnell, A New Approach to Degenerating Variations of Hodge Structure


     Speaker Christian Schnell Stony Brook Univ. The theory of variations of Hodge structure has many applications in algebraic geometry. Most of these are based on the results by Schmid, Cattani, Kaplan, Kashiwara, and Kawai from the 1970s and 1980s. I will describe a new approach that proves these results — such as the

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