Jongbaek Song, Toric Varieties with Symmetries by Reflections

B266 IBS

       Speaker Jongbaek Song KIAS A root system in Euclidean space E determines a complete fan consisting of Weyl chambers, which determines in turn a toric variety X. The action of the Weyl group W on E preserves the fan, so give rise to an action of W on X. In this talk,

Sungmin Yoo, Fiberwise Kähler-Ricci Flows on Families of Strongly Pseudoconvex Domains

B266 IBS

       Speaker Sungmin Yoo IBS-CGP A study on the positive variation of Kähler-Einstein metrics is first developed by Schumacher. More precisely, he has proved that the fiberwise Kähler-Einstein metrics on a family of canonically polarized compact Kähler manifolds is positive-definite on the total space. Later, Berman constructed the fiberwise Kähler-Ricci flow which converges

Seungjae Lee, TBA

B266 IBS

       Speaker Seungjae Lee TBA

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