Ngoc-Son Duong, Proper Holomorphic Maps from the Complex 2-ball into the 3-dimensional Classical Domain of Type IV


     Speaker Ngoc-Son Duong University of Vienna In this talk, we will discuss a complete classification of proper holomorphic maps from the unit ball in complex two dimensional space into the Cartan's classical domain of type IV in complex three dimensional space that extend smoothly to some boundary point. This classification (which is a

Hoang-Chinh Lu, Monge-Ampère Volumes on Compact Hermitian Manifolds


     Speaker Hoang-Chinh Lu Université Paris-Saclay, Orsay We investigate in depth the behaviour of Monge-Ampère volumes of quasi-psh functions on a given compact hermitian manifold. We prove that the property for these Monge-Ampère volumes to stay bounded away from zero or infinity is a bimeromorphic invariant. We show in particular that a conjecture of

Lukasz Kosinski, Extension Property and Interpolation Problems


     Speaker Lukasz Kosinski Jagiellonian University A subset V of a domain Ω has the extension property if for every holomorphic function p on V there is a bounded holomorphic function φ on Ω that agrees with p on V and whose sup-norm on Ω equals the sup-norm of p on V. Within the talk, we

Xu Wang, An Explicit Estimate of the Bergman Kernel for Positive Line Bundles


     Speaker Xu Wang NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology We shall give an explicit estimate of the lower bound of the Bergman kernel associated to a positive line bundle. In the compact Riemann surface case, our result can be seen as an explicit version of Tian’s partial C0-estimate.

Ming Xiao, On Some Mapping Problems between Bounded Symmetric Domains


     Speaker Ming Xiao UCSD Bounded symmetric domains are an important class of geometric objects in complex analysis and geometry, which possess a high degree of symmetry. They often serve as the model cases in the study of many rigidity phenomena. In this talk, we will discuss two mapping problems between bounded symmetric domains

Pak Tung Ho, The Weighted Yamabe Problem

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

     Speaker Pak Tung Ho Sogang University In this talk, I will explain what the weighted Yamabe problem is, and mention some related results that Jinwoo Shin (KIAS) and I obtained.

Aeryeong Seo, TBA

B266 and on-line

     Speaker Aeryeong Seo Kyungpook National University TBA

Jihun Yum, Stochastic Bergman Geometry

B266 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Jihun Yum IBS-CCG For a bounded domain Ω in Cn, let P(Ω) be the set of all (real) probability distributions on Ω. Then, in general, P(Ω) becomes an infinite-dimensional smooth manifold and it always admit a natural Riemannian pseudo-metric, called the Fisher information metric, on P(Ω). Information geometry studies a finite-dimensional submanifold

Hoseob Seo, On L2 Extension from Singular Hypersurfaces

B266 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Hoseob Seo IBS CCG In L2 extension theorems from a singular hypersurface in a complex manifold, important roles are played by certain measures such as the Ohsawa measure which determine when a given function can be extended. We show that the singularity of the Ohsawa measure can be identified in terms of

Gunhee Cho, Non-measure Hyperbolicity of K3 and Enriques Surfaces

B266 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Gunhee Cho UCSB By exploiting the upper semicontinuity of the Kobayashi-Eisenman pseudo volume (and pseudometric) under deformations of complex structures, we establish the non-measure hyperbolicity of K3 surfaces—which M. Green and P. Griffiths verified for certain cases in 1980—holds for all K3 surfaces. Our result provides a stronger condition than the Kobayashi

Takayuki Koike, On Some Variants of Ueda’s Lemma and its Application


    Speaker Takayuki Koike (Osaka Metropolitan University) In this talk, we explain our results on some variants of Ueda's lemma on L∞-estimates for Cech coboundary operators that hold uniformly for all flat holomorphic line bundles on compact Kähler manifolds. This talk is partially based on joint work with Y. Hashimoto and T. Uehara.Title :

Seungjae Lee, Cohomological Isomorphism of Symmetric Power of Cotangent Bundle of Ball Quotient and its Toroidal Compactification

B236-1 IBS, Korea, Republic of

    Speaker Seungjae Lee IBS CCG In this talk, we investigate the L2-Dolbeault cohomology of the symmetric power of cotangent bundles of ball quotients with finite volume, as well as their toroidal compactification. As a result, we establish a version of L2-Hodge decompostion for complex hyperbolic space forms with finite volume, under some mild

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