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Workshop on Algebraic Geometry in Busan

May 14 - May 16

La Valse Hotel Busan, Korea, Republic of


Lorenzo Barban (IBS-CCG)
Jungkai Chen (National Taiwan University)
Toshiyuki Katsura (University of Tokyo)
Shigeyuki Kondo (Nagoya University)
Ching-Jui Lai (National Cheung Kung University)
Donggun Lee (IBS-CCG)
Hsueh-Yung Lin (National Taiwan University)
Shigeru Mukai (Kyoto University)
Keiji Oguiso (University of Tokyo)




May 14 (Tuesday)

14:00~14:20 Registration
14:20~15:20 Speaker 1
15:40~16:40 Speaker 2
17:00~18:00 Speaker 3
18:30~20:30 Dinner

May 15 (Wednesday)

09:30~10:30 Speaker 4
11:00~12:00 Speaker 5
12:00~13:30 Lunch
13:30~17:30 Discussion
18:00~20:00 Banquet

May 16 (Thursday)

09:30~10:30 Speaker 6
11:00~12:00 Speaker 7
12:00~13:30 Lunch
13:30~14:30 Speaker 8
15:00~16:00 Speaker 9


JongHae Keum (KIAS)
Yongnam Lee (IBS-CCG/KAIST)


La Valse Hotel, Busan

* Due to available hotel rooms and budgets, participation is by invitation only. If you are interested to participate in this workshop, please contact one of the organizers by April 15.


La Valse Hotel
Busan, Korea, Republic of


Yongnam Lee
JongHae Keum (KIAS)
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